Juanjo López, known as “el Penyo”, is the first Spanish amputee that has finished a road marathon
news / 2014-11-18

Juanjo López, known as “el Penyo”, is the first Spanish amputee that has finished a road marathon

Juanjo López, known as “el Penyo”, has made history again. The para-athlete sponsored by Lurbel participated the last Sunday in the Valencia Marathon and was the first Spanish amputee who finishes a road marathon.

After almost three years of training and preparation, he ran the 42 kilometres in 4 hours and 29 minutes. It has come true exactly four years since he was placed the first prosthesis for walking, after his leg was amputated because of a goring from a bull’s horn. Since that moment, “if I can, you can” is his motto. Last year he became the first European amputee who competed in trail running in the Half Trail Marathon of the Lurbel Challenge Calar del Río Mundo, with a time of 4 hours and 44 minutes. He also became the European Champion of paratriathlon in 2013 and he undertook the Aneto Challenge, an expedition which consists in reaching the Aneto peak.

Thanks to Bmax

These achievements in sport are the fruit of daily perseverance and sacrifice. Since his accident he has been preparing in different disciplines. Muscular and articular training have been very important, as well as psychological preparation. Moreover, Regenactiv and Bmax garments of Lurbel have become his perfect choice to carry out each challenge. 

As he explains: “thanks to the coating of Bmax and Regenactiv of Lurbel, today I can run with my prosthesis without worrying about rubbing and I am making progress and even improving the time I did before the accident”. The physiotherapists who treated him after his first half trail marathon were surprised about the state of the residual limb after the effort: “after examining the residual limb, we have not noticed any type of ulcer or rubbing, and it was in good condition and without painful sensations when touching it”. 

Such a good feeling after being running for almost five hours with the prosthesis contrasts with the previous situation. In fact, before using the Lurbel coating, “el Penyo” was not able to run more than two hours consecutively, due to the pain and rubbing on the skin in contact with the prosthesis.

The properties

On the one hand, he uses the coating of these technologies in order to minimise the impacts produced by the prosthesis when running. On the other hand, the compression garments compensate the additional effort of his right leg and help him to recover faster. 

The properties of this Lurbel exclusive technology (which prevents skin irritations, fights overheating and cares for skin erosions) have become a unique success in a case of a high sensitivity and difficulty. 

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