“The garments you choose to use to run is an essential element of a race”, states Darío Dorta
news / 2014-09-22

“The garments you choose to use to run is an essential element of a race”, states Darío Dorta

Darío Dorta (born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in 1976), from the Lurbel team, is still recovering from the Tor des Geants, after more than one week. This is the toughest race in the world, with 330 kilometres and 24.000 metres of elevation gain, and after being running for 100 hours, now is the moment to make the balance about sport experience and personal experience, together with the equipment used.

Sport experience

Around 800 runners started the race the last 7th of September in the Aosta Valley (Italy). Darío started in the 70th position and on the 11th of September he finished the 40th, as the eighth Spanish in the overall classification. In this sense, the athlete from Tenerife declares that he is very pleased with the classification and explains: “this result was unimaginable for me, as it is very difficult to train for this kind of races where I live, the Canary Islands. The weather is wet with high temperatures, and there you can find a volcanic soil that has nothing to do with the soil I found in the Alps during this race. In this sense, I am very proud of the response of my body when facing all these circumstances”. 

As regards to the strategy of the race, he assures that “if I could run this race again, I would face it in a different way. The reason is that you need to know the terrain in order to plan the best strategy for the race and especially in such a tough competition as Tor des Geants. Thus, when you run such a difficult race for the first time, you need much more concentration, you have to be cautious and calculate everything. You also have to listen yourself and stay alert to be sure that you make no mistakes, if you make a wrong decision, you can pay it dearly”.

Personal experience

Tor des Geants has been a hard race, the most amazing sport experience of his life: “this is a race where the mental strength is almost an 80% and physical strength is a 20%. A race based on a good strategy, where you have to measure your forces, a technical and extreme race where you have to remain always vigilant”, assures the athlete from Tenerife. 

Evaluation of the garments used

In extreme races you realize about the garments which are really high performance equipment, as you use them to run hundreds of kilometres in different circumstances: under fluctuating temperatures, with friction because of the hard descents, with overheating after running for several days, etc. 

Therefore, Tor des Geants has become the perfect scenery for the Lurbel garments which Darío chose depending on the weather and the specific route of this race. In this sense, the runner declares: “you don’t know how important the choice of the equipment is, until you run a race of this kind. I was running more than 40 kilometres without taking any break with my feet wet and I kept on running with my feet intact. I have been running even under a temperature of 0º C, sweating the same day and I have not had any kind of abrasion around nipples or armpits”.

Star products 

“Bmax is, without a doubt, the best choice for running. I like the dense texture of Bmax Track; they give me a feeling of safety and security. I combine them with the compression socks Trail Plus, to relax the muscles while I rest and to fight fluid retention. Regarding the t-shirt, I prefer the temperature regulation t-shirt Cumbre, with long sleeves. It perfectly meets the needs of a runner who sweats a lot and then has to continue running with a very cold weather, and has few options of changing his t-shirt. I gave some runners my spare t-shirts, as they were desperate because of friction and abrasion, and they didn’t take them off for the rest of the race”.

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