news / 2014-04-08

“The uncertainty and the change of level that this circuit requires are an extra motivation for me”, Vicente Juan García, ultra long distance runner

The Lurbel runner began last Saturday in Sweden the first race of the 5 Continents Grand Slam, an event in which he will go across the World in non-stop races

After winning the Grand Slam 4 Deserts in 2012, Vicente Juan García, the ultra long distance runner of the Lurbel team, wants to get the 5 Continents Grand Slam in 2014. A challenge which started on Saturday 12th of April in Sweden is and an opportunity for him to change the level: he leaves the stage races behind and begins a new format made up of five non-stop races, one for each continent, and 100 miles (160 km) each one.

Each race, with a totally different profile from the usual, requires to this runner a physical training and psychological preparation radically different. The runner faces this change with enthusiasm and full of extra energy, as it requires more effort and states: “Challenges, changes, uncertainty are all a kind of duel against myself, a new horizon to aim for”. 

Besides all these changes, there is another one which is to undertake this new adventure together with his new sponsor Lurbel. In this regard, the personal relationship with the brand, and his active participation in the development of the product represent an extra boost to his role as Ambassador of the Valencian company: “my active participation with the company, confidence and the recognition as ambassador and the fact of developing the product, motivate me psychologically. And the psychological factor is essential when you face a race with these features”, confirms the runner. 

Calendar 5 Continents Grand Slam


April 12, Sweden

May 23, Chile

July 11, South Africa

September 13, Australia

October 22, Israel


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