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Lurbel upgrades its website

Lurbel presents the restyling of its official website The Valencian company of technical sportswear includes some new categories and better accessibility to all of them for easy browsing through its different sections.

More R&D

All the information relating to its technological innovation is being reinforced with this renewal of the website. Moreover, access to the section of the most important own technologies of Lurbel is improved, such as the hosiery technology Bmax (and also the exclusive technology iDT for garments, based on the interaction of charcoal bamboo). At the same time, new sections about technological innovation projects and groups of product development are included.  Among them, it should be highlighted the Lurbel Beta project, coordinated by Dr. César Canales, medical advisor of the company.

The importance of the team 

Lurbel is a Spanish and family brand very active which constantly specializes and renews itself.  Thus, team work is essential. This is the reason why has been given much importance to the human team behind this Spanish company, by creating a specific section which shows the current staff who are part of this project. At the same time, attention is drawn to the in-house manufacturing process in the headquarters located in Ontinyent (Valencia). The hidden details of it are displayed in different images of the departments: production, design, packaging, etc. It should be noted the constant endeavour to adapt and specialize performed by Lurbel throughout more than twenty years of history. 

Besides sending general enquiry forms, the new website enables a direct contact with the main departments to assure a faster and specialized response, which comes directly from the responsible person. 

More news

The high dynamism of the company in its different events and sponsorship of races and athletes has resulted in: a direct banner with the blog of the own events of Lurbel,; a selection of news by categories; and information regarding the testers and the team of sponsored athletes.



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